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fish tycoon

Fish Tycoon Fish Tycoon
In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of your own real-time virtual aquarium and fish store.
Download Fish Tycoon now!

magic academy

Magic Academy Magic Academy
Find your missing sister and unlock the mystery behind the Magic Academy.
Download Magic Academy now!

farm frenzy2

Farm Frenzy 2 Farm Frenzy 2
Kick up your heels in this country-style sequel and manage a frenetic farm in a downhome Time Management game.
Download Farm Frenzy 2 now!


Fishdom Fishdom
Create a spectacular dream aquarium for your finned friends, and perfect your design skills in this Match-3 game.
Download Fishdom now!


Shop-n-Spree Shop-n-Spree
Save the family store in this unique mix of Time Management and Hidden Object gameplay!
Download Shop-n-Spree now!

lost in the city

Lost in the City Lost in the City
After the first date with a charming girl named April, our hero wakes up alone in an abandoned city after being drugged. Download Lost in the City now!

detective agency

Detective Agency Detective Agency
Help James, a young talented private detective, find a stolen treasure map and solve the case in this Hidden Object game!
Download Detective Agency now!

escape rosecliff island

Escape Rosecliff Island Escape Rosecliff Island
An unexpected storm has left you shipwrecked on a remote private island. Find a way to Escape Rosecliff Island!
Download Escape Rosecliff Island now!

sherlock holmes/parte1/

The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
Enter the world of Sherlock Holmes and solve a variety of mystery and mini-games to crack the case in this layered Hidden Object game.
Download The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes now!

sherlock holmes/parte2/

Sherlock Holmes Part 2 Sherlock Holmes Part 2
Part II of The Curse of Anan-Thotep. Search the location to find the items listed on the left. Click on those items when you find them in the scene.
Play Sherlock Holmes Part 2 now!

law and order justice is served

Law and Order Justice is Served Law and Order Justice is Served
Tennis is big business, but you've never seen a match like this! Based on the popular television show.
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fever frenzy

Fever Frenzy Fever Frenzy
Capture as many viruses as possible before they escape from the microscope.
Play Fever Frenzy now!

supermarket mania

Supermarket Mania Supermarket Mania
Help Nikki earn money to upgrade her supermarket`s business and run a successful operation in this Time Management bonanza.
Download Supermarket Mania now!

elven mists

Elven Mists Elven Mists
Thick magical fog has descended upon Elvenland. The Elves lie in a deep slumber, trapped by flower buds. Can you save the elves?
Play Elven Mists Online now!

FMX team

FMX Team FMX Team
Play through 15 levels of freestyle motocross madness!
Download FMX Team now!

private george

Private George Private George
Private George is supposed to be enjoying his retirement, but instead he is back in service. Help this long-time couch potato survive boot camp.
Download Private George now!

runch rush

Ranch Rush Ranch Rush
Cash in on crops, tend your animals, and rack up trophies in this exciting race to turn three acres into a thriving Time Management ranch.
Download Ranch Rush now!

alex trax

Alex Trax Alex Trax
Jump on your BMX and get ready for all the thrills this game has to offer!
Download Alex Trax now!

kick butt

Kick Butt Kick Butt
Kick Butt is a fast action shooting game where you fly an old plane and shoot of objects all while collecting special items.
Play Kick Butt FREE online now!
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